5 Steps to Reach Any Goal

By Dr. Ryan Niemiec

In some domain of your life you probably have at least one goal: lose weight, get a promotion at work, save more money, reconnect with your spouse. But, making progress on that goal might seem daunting. Sometimes the goal is so daunting that you abandon your efforts and the goal forever sits on your "To Do" list.

The good news is, you can get back on track. You have a unique set of character strengths that can set you up for success if you consciously infuse them into a goal-setting action plan. Here's how:

How to Reach Your Goals

1. Write down your goal. Use your hope strength to envision something that links with your interests and values (referred to as self-concordant goal).

2. Make the goal SMART. Use this acronym to remember to make your goal specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Use your prudence strength to plan it out the SMART way.

3. Weave in your character strengths seamlessly. How can your signature strengths serve as a means to help you reach your goal? Might other character strengths support you in reaching your goal as well?

4. Take action toward your goal. How will your perseverance strength support you in overcoming obstacles and staying focused on your goal ahead?

5. Enlist support. Might you include the help of family and friends to reach your goals? This could involve deploying your strengths of teamwork, curiosity, and love.

Studies show that using your signature strengths is connected to well-being. One of the explanations for this is that signature strengths help you make progress on personally-relevant goals. Additionally, some character strengths are inherently linked with goal setting, especially hope, prudence and perseverance. As outlined above, hope helps you envision the goal, prudence helps you plan the goal and perseverance helps you carry out the goal.

Now is the perfect time to breathe life back into some of your goals and it starts with this simple exercise. Good luck!

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