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What's included in the Mindfulness and Character Strengths Report
  • Your results on each of the five mindfulness skills
  • Your overall mindfulness score
  • Activities for boosting your highest and lowest mindfulness skills
  • Your top 5 character strengths
  • Tips for using your strengths more mindfully
Cultivate active awareness of your best qualities.

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What's included
What's included in the Top 5 Report
  • Full Character Strengths Profile + Graph
  • In-depth analysis of your top 5 character strengths
  • Insight into how others see you
  • Tips to use your top 5 to find greater well-being
Focus on your signature strengths to improve your life and thrive.

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What's included
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What's included in the Total 24 Report
  • Everything in the Top 5 Report, plus
  • Review of your middle and lesser strengths and how to apply them
  • Exercises to boost your happiness strengths
  • Analysis of the strengths by virtues, revealing your highest virtue
Explore all your character strengths to maximize engagement, relationships and well-being.

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