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Jillian Coppley

Meet Dr. Jillian Coppley! Jillian serves as VIA’s President and Chief Programs and Services Officer. Jillian experiences the most joy at work from the combination of creativity, judgment, and perseverance. While she loves the free-range feeling creativity offers, Jillian thrives when she can strategically activate creativity for innovative solutions to tackle big challenges and realize big opportunities.

Her career background encompasses a wide spectrum of experiences including Fortune 100 companies, public television, philanthropy, and K-16 education. At the heart of all her work, there has been a continuous and deep commitment to creating workplaces that add to individual’s lives by co-creating environments that support individual and collective growth and the realization of goals that matter. This remains at the core of all her work as VIA’s President.

Outside of the office, you can find Jillian pursuing a wide array of outdoor adventures, ideally in, on, or around a body of water.

Her top strengths are Creativity, Perseverance, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Love of Learning, and Honesty.